As one of the pioneer Security Company In Singapore, We understand that there is an ever-growing variety of safety and security risks and concerns in a commercial building. At First Security, our Security Services In Singapore for Commercial Buildings enable building owners to concentrate on their business while leaving their Security in our hands peacefully!




As one of the Pioneer Security Company In Singapore, we understand that your residents need a secure and crime-free living space where they can lead their peaceful lives. At First Security, we have a team of Security professionals dedicated to keep your Property and residents protected, ensuring that your safety and security needs are prioritized!

At First Security, our Security Services In Singapore For Residential properties consist of an integration of Manpower, Technology and Processes!

Shoplifters are one of the most common external threats to retailers. As a Security Company In Singapore known for our Retail Security Services In Singapore, our officers are trained to spot threats, assist in loss prevention, store security and rule enforcement.

Equipped with Customer Service Skills, Our Boutique Security Services In Singapore is tailored to ensure that your customers are treated professionally and have a long-lasting impression of your brand. Our Security Officers are also equipped with Shoplifting Prevention skills to ensure that they can deter, detect and report any shoplifting activities.


As one of the pioneer Security Company In Singapore, we understand that managing a retail mall requires a good understanding of the behaviours of its customers and tenants. Our Retail Mall Security Services In Singapore is strategically planned to ensure that shopping experience of its visitors is not compromised and leaves the visitor with a long lasting professional impression.

As a licensed Security Company In Singapore, We provide Traffic Control / Traffic Management Security Services In Singapore to Construction Companies who perform Road Works on a frequent basis, and require Traffic Control services under LTA regulations. We are experienced in traffic management Security Services In Singapore for water pipe laying, gas pipe laying, cable laying, fibre pulling, mill and patch operations.

Providing and maintaining appropriate levels of security benefits both the owner and contractors, as having good Security Services In Singapore for Construction sites protect the site and reduces the potential for theft and restrict entry to only authorized personnel.

Warehouses and factories are usually located afar off from the busy city, and require constant surveillance. At First Security, our Security Services In Singapore For Warehouse & Factories are reliable and transparent.

The key aspects to a good Security Service In Singapore for Data Centre is to Protect proprietary and sensitive information from external threats and attacks. At First Security, we are known to be a reliable Security Company In Singapore and provide tight Security for Data Centres.

The secret to success for every event is its Management and Security. At First Security,  our highly trained Events Team is experienced in handling different kind of Events and Operate in a very professional manner. This enables the Events Organizer to have more time to Organize other aspects of the Event, leaving Security to our Events Security Management Team.

The threat we face from terrorism is significant and recent events demonstrate security incidents can happen at any time and any place without warning. As such, it is important for businesses and property owners to recognize the importance of security as failure to do so can be very costly in terms of loss of life, property damage and shattered public confidence. 


At First Security, our Security consultants are equipped with lots of  skills and capabilities such as holistic assessment, conceptualization, risk assessment and design of security solutions for our clients!